All photos contributed by alumni of the Class of 1962 and may NOT be be used for any commercial purposes without prior authorization of the owners of these images and the people in them.  Unless otherwise stated, (c) for these photos belongs to the owners of the photos.   

Photo Albums:  
Circa 1962, Mini Reunions, Personal Photos, Reunion 2002 

  Circa 1962 / '87 Reunion

'62 Photos - Picnic 
Photographs sent in by Diane Levine into an album which you can easily access by going to:
'62 Bronx Science Photos
Photographs taken at Bronx Science and during our high school years - provided by Emil Safier:
Stamm, Karen
62 Era photos & 87 Reunion Photos - Plus some from a recent reunion.  Photos by Susan (Farber) and Asher Banks.
Bronx Science 1959 - from Marsha Marks Blecher
Thanks to Marsha for sending these four wonderful images. We can identify most of the folks... Do you know who the others are?
On the Ramp & At Reds Circa 1962 - from Carole Goldsmith
These photographs were provided by Carole Goldsmith (Howard) and 
include a class photo from PS 106, circa 1956 with four alumni. They 
were really cute at that age.    Lots of alumni in these 12 photos. A real treasure trove.
Under the GW Bridge & Field Day (1959 & 1961)- from Carol Minkoff Whitmore

These photographs were provided by Carol Minkoff Whitmore and 
include photographs taken in May of 1959 for Carol's 14th birthday 
party and some photos taken at Bx HS of Science Field Day (1961).

Lots of alumni in these 8 photos. A another treasure trove. I 
especially enjoyed the shot of the girls carrying a huge watermellon 
on their way to picnic under the GW Bridge, and later in a group 
shot, all spitting pits at the photographer, with the GW Bridge 
overhead. It does not getter better than this, folks.


Photos provided by alumni


MiniReunion SF 2/11/01 - SAN FRANCISCO
San Francisco Area MiniReunion at Jerry & Twig Kram's in the Oakland hills
Stamm, Karen   NEW YORK CITY
NYC Mini Reunion/Brunch, 2/3/01 at Nancy Tate Jones' apt.
Hellman, Martin: NY 3/9/2001 - NEW YORK
Get together at Karen Stamm's apt in NY. Karen, Nancy Tate Jones, Vicki Brown Rethy, Nan Allen Steinberg, Steffi Robinson Lewis and Martin Hellman.
Los Angeles - Mini Reunions, March and June, 2001
These photographs were contributed by Steve Heckler and were taken at two LA reunions. The first reunion took place in Westwood, near UCLA at a restaurant. The second reunion took place at the home of Elliott Wald and his wife Jane, two truly wonderful hosts.
Five recent photos by Paul Birnbaum - NEW YORK
Me with Art Iger, best pal Karen, and my mother.
Stamm, Karen - 2/3/2001 - NEW YORK
NYC Mini Reunion/Brunch, 2/3/01 at Nancy Tate Jones' apt.
Rockland Park Reunion - May, 2001
This is a series of photographs taken at the Rockland Park reunion (May 2001). These photos include Diane, Asher and Susan (Farber) Banks, Rick Brand, Amy Wolfthal, Steve Buchsbaum, Marty Gottlieb, Miguel Eduardo Jimenez, Nils-Peter Nelson.... I think I have them all.... We need captions for these photos... Photos provided by Diane Levine and Ricki Brand.
Crook's Corner Reunion - Chapel Hill, NC - June 2001
Photos taken at the mini reunion, June 2001 can be viewed at: 
Photos include myself, Art Werner, Jesse Zuckor, and Howard Machtinger, and our various spouses and pals.
Nan Allan's Picnic - June 2001
To view, just set your URL to: > > > > So who are these folks anyway, Nan?

Same Picnic - Photos from Paul Birnbaum
I have just posted a new photo album, showing some stuff from our June 9th mini-reunion at Nan Steinberg's, and a couple of others. Please view it! It's under Bookmarks/Alumni Photo Albums/Summer 2001..... or use this link:

Rockville, MD  - August 2001
On Sunday evening, Carol Rachlin Stamm, Barry Rosloff, and respective spouses  had dinner together in a Rockville, MD restaurant.  They had a great evening creating an upbeat end to a weekend that strained the Washington, DC area. - Photos by Bernie Liebler can be seen at:
PHOTOGRAPHS: Boston Mini-Reunion - June 13, 2001 - from Roy Rubin
These photographs were provided by Roy and Anita Rubin. This reunion was organized by  Florine Schoen and took place at the Newton Marriott Hote on June 13, 2001.
I had a hard time fitting everyones full name into the 200 character 
limit per photo, so here is the full list of alumni for each photo:
Photo #1
SEATED: Gloria Katz Zalosh, Adam Sacks, Roy Rubin
STANDING: Lloyd Price, Mark Engler, Ester Buchman Messing, Donald 
Barry, Florine Kutler Schoen, Madeline Ladd Spadola, Alexandra Vozick 
Hans, Allan Jacobson, Barbara Meshekow Friedman, Susan Russel 
Dengelis, Joel Auerbach
Photo #2
STANDING: Bob Zalosh, Arnold Messing, Mark Engler, Lloyd Price, Adam 
Sacks, Joyce Engler, Donald Barry, Florine Kutler Schoen, Madeline 
Ladd Spadola, Alexandra Vozick Hans, Allan Jacobson, Barbara 
Meshekow Friedman, Susan Russel Dengelis, Joel Auerbach
Roosevelt Hotel - Les Dames du Bronx Science - Oct 6 -2001
These photographs were provided by Carol Dosik Kaplan and in her own
words:   " Anyway, a group of us met at the Roosevelt Hotel on October 6 for
brunch. We were truly a bunch of cackling, happy women, anxious to
update, share and re-hash events. I just got back some pix and am
sending them to you. One is a collage of the group. Here are the
people in attendance - YOU figure it out :) - The names on the
files are the names of the people, LR, top row to bottom row.
Any ????, e-mail.
Phyllis Cooper, Susan Pollack, Wendy Kane, Vicki Brown, Nancy Tate,
Carol Dosik, Diane Edelstein, Janis Lubawsky, Susan Farber, Eva
  Personal Photos
Alumni & Families -  VARIOUS LOCATIONS
This album is a collection of all the family and personal photos submitted - all recent.
Stereoviews of NYC
A sample of Stereoviews, new and old. Read messages 4043 & 4078.
Photographs from Andrew Pinkowitz
Photos of flowers (mostly), places, family, friends
Hellman, Martin: Soaring Photos
Soaring photos including Lake Tahoe and Yosemite Natl Park.

Hellman, Martin: Family Photo Album
Recent photos of me and family + my yearbook photo and another from 1963 + recent photo of Mr. Charles Hellman, retired BHSS physics teacher.

Hacker, Paul,  Scenes from work and play in china
Hacker family in China; also scenes from places visited during official business in China

scenes from work and play in china
Activities in China during official and non-official business

Hello from Ukraine
the land of (some of our) forefathers! I arrived here four weeks ago and am gradually getting used to this country of great contrasts and contradictions. If you would like to see some photos, please turn to which contains a number of pictures from the Sept. 23 commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the massacre at Babyn (Babi) Yar.


Paul Birnbaum Photo Album
I just posted another photo album of 4 photographs. Use this link:, or access through our Bookmarks section.  Includes Paul Birnbaum with Craig Morris on the occasion of the world premiere of Craig's Clarinet Concerto, opus 16, at DeWitt Clinton HS.
Florine Kutler Schoen.  - Photos from Michael Broder
Family photos.

Reunion 2002

  Visit to Bronx Science,  Van Cortlandt Picnic,  Roosevelt Grand Ball Room & Hospitality Suite and Other 40th Reunion Events.     (358 images)
Broder, Michael - 40th Reunion [75 images]
Michael Broder's reunion photos start an nanci's home, go to the Bronx Science school visit, the picnic, the reception, then the gala, and finally the bar... a comprehensive collection of the weekend reunion events.
Fogelman, Charlie - 40th Reunion [collages]
These are collages that charlie created consisting of several pictures from various reunoin events.
Hellman, Marty - 40th Reunion photos/ JHS 143 [ 35 images ]
Digital photos taken Fri and Sat at the Science '62 reunion. There was a JHS 143 '59 get-together just before the main reunion and this includes photos from there, as well from the hospitality suite on Friday.
Koppel, Dennis - 40th Reunion Photos [9 images]
Photos taken at Bronx school visit; picnic; and Main Event - standard and 3-D images of same. You will need special red-green glasses for 3D images available from Dennis ( ) - at no charge.
(Poris) Chaudhary, Jewel  -  40th Reunion Photos  
  School Visit (29 images)  -      
Magical mystery tour of the Bronx HS of Science - see folks here who were no 
shows at the Main Event (Alice Carmel, Elayne Weyeuker, etc)

   At the Roosevelt Hotel - New York City  ( 90 images )
mages from the Roosevelt Hotel, including Hospitality Suite, Reception,
Bar, and Main Event - awards, speeches, dancing, conga line, and more dancing..

Alexandra Vozick Hans - 40th Reunion & Mini-Reunion (7)
Photos including Miguel Jimenez, Alexandra Vozick Hans, Harold Goldes, Sarita Nemerow Eisenstark, Andrew Pinkowitz, Art Iger, Emily Danies, et. al.
Heckler, Steve - 40th Reunion (28)
Photos of Van Cortlandt picnic, Roosevelt Hotel Grand Ballroom, and 
visits to the NYC during reunion week-end.
Ellen Krieger Rubin - 40th Reunion (7)
Photos taken at the Roosevelt Hotel - Grand Ballroom.
Nancy Tate Jones & Jane Polan Foreman - 40th Reunion (4)
Photos taken at the Roosevelt Hotel - Grand Ballroom.
Walt Bilofsky - 40th Reunion (6)
Photos include Ken Kanagaki, Henry Laufer, Robert Strom and wife Judy, 
Garden of Nancy Allen Steinberg's home, and Loew's Paradise - as it 
looks today.
Rick Brand - 40th Reunion (9)
Visit to Bronx Science, Main event, Emil Safier, Donna Warren, Steve
Heckler, Isaac and Christine, Andy Pinkowitz, Manny Goldman.
Bernie  Liebler - 40th Reunion (22)
Picnic at Van Cortlandt, Various events at the Roosevelt Hotel, including
the post bash 3am rendez vous at the Bar.
Carol (Dosik) Kaplan - 40th Reunion (17)
Photos taken at various events at the Roosevelt Hotel.
Marty Gottlieb - 40th Reunion (27)
The following photos were provided by Marty Gottlieb.
This include images taken at the BHHS brunch, the
Van Cortlandt Picnic, the Grand Ballroom of the
Roosevelt Hotel, June 1, 2002.
Diane (Levine) Edelstein - 40th Reunion, 
YANKEE GAME group.(48)

These 48 photos include events at the BHHS brunch, the first photos posted of the YANKEE GAME, and lots of photos taken at the Grand Ballroom of the Roosevelt Hotel during our gala celebration.