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Turbo Budget for Windows is the most powerful and easiest to use budget estimating tool available today. Prepare and analyze your budgets with the ease of use of a Windows application with pull down menus, cut and paste, drag and drop, complete support for all fonts, etc., Use it on the smallest commercial, interactive multimedia production or the largest international, multi-currency feature film. The FREE TRIAL version is a complete copy of the program limited only in that printing is partially blocked. So why not....
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Turbo Budget for Windows (TBW) is available in three different editions each designed with the features you will need to prepare, analyze, and publish a detailed production budget, whether it is a multimillion dollar feature or a small interactive video.

Your FREE TRIAL COPY  is a complete copy of Turbo Budget for Windows which can be used just like the professional edition. If you like it, just order your copy and any work done in your demo version can then be used in the professional edition.  This download is for Win 3.x, Win95, Win98, and WinNT. 

DOC COLLINS, Independent Line Producer

"I was always pleased with the technical support. Always there when I needed them."
Steve Bobek, Sony Pictures, Features Estimating.

"Put this date on your calendar. Budgeting will never be the same again."
Allen Taylor, production accountant Warner Bros. feature "Contact"

Designed for:

  • Feature Film Producer
  • Production Manager
  • Budget Estimator
  • Television Production
  • Video Production
  • Multi Media Production

Designed for the Producer, Production Manager, or Budget Estimator who wants a full featured, easy to use, powerhouse product at an affordable price.

Easy, intuitive ways to move around budget levels, or from one account to another. Use the mouse or Hot Keys to instantly go anywhere in the budget. Search for text throughout budget, or within a sub account. Search for lines which are converted by currency or which use certain codes.

Cut and Paste data fields using the clipboard. Cut and Paste using the Paste Up Panels. Cut and paste one or more selected lines. Cut and paste entire sub accounts. Cut and paste entire accounts. Drag and Drop a line. Drag and Copy a line. Globally edit text in budget or just a sub account. Globally delete lines based on text in the line; on currency conversion, or coding of line.


Fringes, Taxes, Crew Meals, Overtime
Labor costs often also carry union fringes, payroll taxes, meal costs, etc. with them. This can be one of the most time consuming aspects of budgeting, which is completely automated in TBW. With capacity for 400 codes TBW power to automate a budget is unmatched.

Multicurrency Budgets
Line Suppression

You can enter costs into a single budget in several currencies, easily and quickly adjust the conversion rate and printout the budgets in a variety of formats for both domestic and foreign distribution. Lines can be grouped and suppressed or printed at will. For example, you can include/exclude costs for a given locale.

And lots more....
Program includes seven budget forms, including AICP, a studio budget pro forma (with rates). Design your own form (up to 1,000 lines of detail). Worksheets, with totals automatically posted into accounts; built in calculator for editing as you enter data; 4th column data entry - allows you to enter products of hourly rates and weekly straight time hours; print through Windows print driver, i.e., supports all available fonts; and many many more features.

"Its great to have a budgeting program which fully utilizes the Windows environment."

"..congratulations on a job well done. Turbo Budget Studio Edition is a superb product."
Phil Rodak, Director Budgeting, Theatrical Productions, Warner Bros. (9-15-95)

The Professional Edition with additional capabilities which enable the exchange of data with spread sheets, relational database programs, and location accounting software. Provides controls to manage multiple users working on a shared database of budgets and allows comparisons between budgets in different files. With the powerful Modify command make global changes to column data for selected sets of lines, e.g., a 5% pay increase for all IATSE labor. This edition is for the power user or organization which needs these additional features.

Top  ENTERPRISE EDITION  ENT                                                 
  The Studio Edition with additional capabilities which are designed specifically for the person or organization that wants to manage their labor cost estimates in separate data tables. Labor costs (A, B, and C level rates, both local and distant) are maintained for various regions (Los Angeles, New York, Toronto, etc.). When a production is prepared Turbo Budget accesses labor rates directly from the selected tables.

The three versions of the program are completely compatible, which is to say, that a budget created with one is accessible by all the others.

System Requirements: IBM PC or compatible computer [Min 486 recommended]. Windows 3.1. Win95, or Windows NT. Program supports all printer fonts supported in windows including True Type Fonts. Quantum Films , po box 480255, los angeles, ca 90048