Film Schools
Film schools known as film schools.  Click here to get a complete list of universities with film programs.

Revised:  05/14/06


American Film Institute - home of the Center for Advanced Film Studies, in Los Angeles, CA. Providing professional training in directing, producting, writing, cinematography, set design, and .... what else... digital media.

Hollywood Film Institute, is the outfit which puts on the 2 Day Film School, and has one of the best selections of film books around. Dov Simmons is Mr. Hollywood, and full of great tips for the low budget indy.

North Carolina School of the Arts, a well funded state school offering excellent training in filmmaking, theater, and television.

New York University, the premier training site on the East Coast.

UCLA, School of Theater, Film and Television, with a heavy European film as art slant; a great writers program; and opportunity to shoot film.

UCLA EXTENSION, Separate from the school, offering diverse courses, and with a lower entry barrier.

UCS, School of Cinema and Television, which has trained major Hollywood talent, such as George Lucas provides both undergraduate, graduate, and summer film production programs.

VanCouver Film School, film, multimedia, and animation.


Sundance, Robert Redfords school in Aspen Colorado.

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